Did you know the Internet Black Hole?

Ever found yourself in a situation where google failed to give an answer to your query? Do you know the reason behind this? Well, it is due to the internet black hole.

You might have heard of black holes. There are Internet black holes as well.

If you have ever sent an email normally it arrives within seconds inbox on your correspondent, but sometimes they never get the email. And sometimes searching on google yields no results. The reason is the internet black hole. Most users run into black hole when the website they want to access will not load or their e-mail seems to get swallowed up in cyberspace.

Black holes are yields in cyberspace that hinder data transfer. Some people consider this as a dead IP address and computer firework. But according to computer experts, this is a very big puzzle because data is not lost anywhere, data is definitely available somewhere.

It was observed by web analysts that digital information disappeared into something. This something is termed as an internet black hole. The internet black hole is the internet’s weird secret. In here, Matter which enters the back hole never comes out similarly data entering an internet black hole can never be retrieved.

We know that all data on the internet is transmitted in the form of packets. But the strange thing is that when the packets in the middle are transferred from one device to another, suddenly one or more packets go away. But the seekers believe the packets do not disappear. They can go to different destinations.

A similar black hole case was reported in the US in 2013, People’s information was being sent to a place in Iceland. who was doing so? No one have able to solve this internet mystery of black holes. These mysterious black holes have existed, as long as the internet has. The greatest minds of internet technology have investigated the matter. Everyone from hackers, government IT agencies, and technology firms, yet no one has traced one of these unsolvable blips of data.

By Sajee Rodrigo (Level 02 Undergraduate),

Industrial Management Science Students' Association of University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka