Did you know about the Dark Web?

Everyone uses the internet every day for various purposes. But that is not the only internet you think you know. This is less known place in the corner of the internet.

What is Dark Web?

Dark web is an anonymous part of the internet that search engines do not have access to. And search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing cannot access them, the websites on the dark web cannot be indexed. Modern internet gave the birth to this dark web. The Dark Web is the creation of US military researchers. It is developed for spies to exchange extremely confidential information privately. Dark web is a dark spot on the internet where you can find almost anything legally or illegally.

Who can view the world of the dark web?

Only people with encrypted networks or with some security tools will have access the world of the Dark Web. Generally, hackers, politicians, journalists, whistleblowers, and government agents use the Dark Web for various purposes.

What can you do in the dark web space?

Dark web is the place where you will find dark content. Some websites have disturbing content, while most of them conduct and facilitate illegal or criminal activities.

Through websites on the Dark Web, activities like selling the personal information of stolen bank accounts or hacked PayPal, or Netflix accounts. You can get lifetime access to Netflix for just $6.

Some of the more serious businesses like selling illegal drugs, harmful chemicals, body parts and counterfeit goods. It can also be used to hire murderers and assassins.

From stolen Netflix accounts, social security numbers, to hacked government data, and fake college degrees and coupons, the Dark Web consists of almost anything you can imagine. This is what makes it a unique and curious place for most people.

Everything on the deep web is not illegal as such. For example, there is a website owned by KFC. If we go to this site on the surf web, only 10 pages can be accessed. So, we think the total number of the pages is 10, But in fact on the Surf web, we can google and accessed only indexed pages. Index is the amount of content released by the site to the surf web and general user on the surf web can see it. Really, There are 15 pages on the KFC website. The remaining 5 pages may not be what a customer needs to know. They are authorized or restricted to KFC staff only. The deep web is the best place to hide things like that.

The currency used on the Deep Web to trade businesses is called Bitcoin. By using this cryptocurrency, nobody can trace a person’s identity. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that helps in conducting financial transactions between buyers and sellers anonymously.

Ultimate users of dark web?

Only 3% can access to this place out of the billions of internet users around the world. Anyone who is having proper encryption tools and software.

How to access it?

To get access to the Dark Web, you must be aware of some or all kinds of privacy techniques and tools. A popular tool is Tor (The onion router). It released free to the public in the year 2004. It is built with the desire to protect anonymity while browsing the internet. The employees of the United States Naval Research Laboratory are responsible for the tor project. The primary purpose of this browser is to protect the government’s intelligence information and computer networks.

Normally internet users can be visible to ISPs through their internet protocol (IP Address). Therefore, to mask their identity, location etc. But dark web users use services like VPN or Tor browser. In deep web, all the web pages are dynamic meaning every website has a different IP at different moments of time. So, search engines cannot find them. Also, as the IP changes every time we cannot track the location of that IP using regular methods.

However, one can also use ‘The Hidden Wiki’ to find various links to the Dark Web. Unlike the normal website’s name ending with .com, .org, or .gov, Tor sites generally end with .onion domain name.

Are Dark and Deep web the same?

Yes few. Dark web is a subset of deep web which means the Dark Web is a small part of the deep web. The size of the Deep Web is 4–5 times larger than the visible internet and less than the Dark Web.

Is it Safe to access the Dark Web?

Dark Web can be a dangerous place where almost all kinds of online illegal activities take place. So, visiting such a place can never be safe for anyone. You must use a secured VPN connection to protect your privacy, Practice common sense to identify harmful websites, do not use your credit cards and Never click on links from unknown sources while Visiting the Dark Web. You must make sure that you always keep and stay safe from them.

by Level 01 Undergraduate

Industrial Management Science Students' Association of University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka